Fairfield County Hounds: great activities in 2018.

Guests welcome. Please reach out to the Honorary Secretary or the FCH Masters for more information!



Annual Fall Hunter Pace
Sunday, October 21, 2018 



fox & coyote


August - December

Types of Members:
Full, Junior, Social

Ages of Members:
12 yrs old - 83 yrs old

scarlet or black coat with blue collars and gold piping

Yes, contact the FCH Masters.


The Fairfield County Hounds meet Wednesdays and Saturdays, from August through the end of the year.

Please contact the Master for information on membership and capping as a guest.


FCH Masters

William T. Stuart, MFH
(860) 355-0012

Jo Mayer, MFH
(203) 788-4673

Joanna Samson, MFH
  (802) 522-1300

Vicki Fuller, MFH
  (917) 355-9872

Honorary Secretary

Karin Roumanis

FCH Kennels

155 Botsford Hill Road,
Bridgewater, CT 06752
phone (860) 354-6707


Hunting Etiquette
  1. Be on time. Arrive at the meet at least 15 minutes early.
  2. Greet the Masters.
  3. Be properly attired.
  4. The Fieldmaster is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the field. Riders must follow the Fieldmaster unless he or she indicates otherwise.
  5. The Fieldmaster has the authority to ask riders to change position or retire from the field if he or she believes it is in the best interests of the rider, horse and/or the field.
  6. Do not pass the Fieldmaster or the Huntsman at any time.
  7. Keep a safe distance when following, especially over the fences.
  8. Let members with colors ride ahead.
  9. Juniors should ride to the rear of the field.
  10. If your horse kicks, tie a red ribbon on his tail and ride in the back.
  11. If you should damage a jump or a fence line, report the damage immediately to one of the Masters.
  12. If your horse refuses a fence, pull out and let the following horses pass.
  13. Warn your fellow riders of potential dangers by saying loudly “Ware hole” or “Ware wire," etc.
  14. If a member of staff wishes to pass, announce “Ware Staff” and move out of the way.
  15. Ride around the perimeter of the fields; stay off of crops, hay and lawns.
  16. When hounds, Huntsman or staff pass on a path, turn your horse to face the passing hounds or horses; hind end away.
  17. Maintain silence while the hounds are working.
  18. Do not speak to the hounds, nor intimidate them. They have the right of way all times. If one is near, stop, let him pass, and warn the field by crying “Ware hound.”
  19. When on the road, stay as far to the side as possible, and immediately wave on approaching vehicles. Alert riders in front of you by calling, "Car, please." Wave and say “thank you" to motorists.
  20. Always wave, smile and greet landowners; we are totally dependent on their hospitality.
  21. No smoking or cell phones in the field.
  22. The hound truck has the right of way at all times. It is our support vehicle in case of an emergency.
  23. If you bring a guest, you are responsible for your guest and should ride with him or her at all times.
  24. If you leave the field early, wait for a check or a break in the action and inform the Fieldmaster or the Master. On your way back to the kennels, do not ride over any ground that has not already been hunted that day.
  25. Always say “goodbye” to the Masters and thank them for the day.