Fairfield County Hounds: great activities in 2018.

Guests welcome. Please reach out to the Honorary Secretary or the FCH Masters for more information!



Annual Fall Hunter Pace
Sunday, October 21, 2018 



fox & coyote


August - December

Types of Members:
Full, Junior, Social

Ages of Members:
12 yrs old - 83 yrs old

scarlet or black coat with blue collars and gold piping

Yes, contact the FCH Masters.


The Fairfield County Hounds meet Wednesdays and Saturdays, from August through the end of the year.

Please contact the Master for information on membership and capping as a guest.


FCH Masters

William T. Stuart, MFH
(860) 355-0012

Jo Mayer, MFH
(203) 788-4673

Joanna Samson, MFH
  (802) 522-1300

Vicki Fuller, MFH
  (917) 355-9872

Honorary Secretary

Karin Roumanis

FCH Kennels

155 Botsford Hill Road,
Bridgewater, CT 06752
phone (860) 354-6707



Donald G. Perkins 1923-29
Carelton H. Palmer 1929-31, 1942-43
Helen Bedford 1931-36
J. Hanchet-Taylor 1935-36
Alfred G. Allen 1937-42
James C. Clark 1940-41
Chester J. LaRoche 1942-58
Albertus A. Moore 1943-50
Ruth P. Fleming 1950-51
Jean Cochrane Frantz 1951-58
Eugene Stetson, Jr 1957-59
Andrew M. Draper 1958-65
Iola S. Haverstick 1965-67
Henry P. Coogan 1965-68
Harry Steinbreder, Jr. 1967-71
Isabella W. C. Kelly 1969-80
Paul Krauss 1971-82
George Vila 1974-83
Harry V. O'Keefe 1980-85
Gillian M. Sykes 1982-87
W. Kevin McGrath 1984-88
Gigi Haber 1984-97
Bart D'Elia 1988-92
Maurice Corrigan 1989-91
William Stuart 1990-
Ronald Stewart 1992-2000
Jo Mayer 1996-
Jayme Stewart 1997-2000
John Hennigan 2006-2008
Joanna Dunn Samson 2006-


Fred Hedges1923-30
Chris Comins1930-31
George Thomas 1931-39
Raymond Burr 1939-40
John Hughes 1940-65
Joseph Avery1965-69
John Zaleski1969-73
Jack Eicher1971-73
John Ferrence 1974-79
Rhoda Hopkins 1979-95
William Stuart, MFH1993-




Fairfield County Hounds is the oldest surviving live foxhunt in the state of Connecticut. Established in Westport, Connecticut by two local businessmen, Donald Perkins and Carlton Palmer, in 1924, Fairfield was recognized by the Master of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) in 1926. Fairfield operated under the auspices of the Fairfield Hunt Club in Westport, hunting the sleepy rural farmland of southern Connecticut in the Fairfield/Westport area.

As Westport and the surrounding areas yielded to development pressure, Fairfield’s members began hunting the northern part of the county in the 1940s. In 1965, Fairfield reorganized as a separate entity from the Fairfield County Hunt Club and relocated the kennels in Newtown. As the large tracts of open land dwindled in that area, Fairfield purchased and renovated an old dairy farm further north in Bridgewater, Connecticut in 1986. The kennels were moved in 1987, and Fairfield celebrated Opening Day 1987 in its new location in the rolling hills west of the Shepaug River.